We didn’t know much about the process and had no prior home-buying experience. Our friends’ advise and suggestions were contradictory, so we decided to trust our instinct and find the right person for us. We found David’s profile on Zillow and hit it off right away. It was like drawing a winning lottery ticket.
Three ways that David blew us away:
1. After learning our situation, wishes and concerns, David found a financing program that was an exact fit for us: no PMI, reasonable rate, and more than reasonable down payment + closing costs that fit my financial reality.
2. When we decided to switch to another property after originating the loan, he made transition quick and painless for us.
3. Three months after closing, having already settled in, I had a concern about the master insurance policy. David responded right away with information and contacts and offered more help if needed.
I think David is highly professional, responsible, personable and helpful. If you can book this guy “while supplies last”, don’t hesitate, you won’t regret!
– Serge K.

David Gaffin was wonderful to work with. He was 100% knowledgeable in his field and put so much time and effort into working with me. He made a very stressful mortgage situation easy and understandable. I would highly recommend him. He was extremely professional and great to work with.
– Kim A.

My wife and I used David’s services in locating financing for the purchase of our first home, and later it’s refinance. We had had initial conversations with other Financing Specialists, but I honestly felt like I was just getting corralled like cattle towards whatever the loan officer picked as my best bet. I didn’t understand anything, and I didn’t feel comfortable signing a 30 year commitment based on the steering of someone who didn’t even have 20 minutes to explain options to me.
A real estate attorney recommended David to my wife and I, and in the first minute or two of the phone conversation I already sensed that he wasn’t going to rush me through things. I had to repeatedly stop and ask if he had the time to discuss my situation to such a detailed extent, or if i was keeping him from more pressing business – I wasn’t used to be more than 3 minutes of some loan officer’s time.

I probably had two dozen conversations with David throughout the process of buying our home – during which he explained different financing options, and the nuances of each – as well the cost and benefits in both the long and short term, and the effect of how long we planned to stay in the house. I’m an Engineer with an MBA – I’ve taken quite a few courses in math, project planning, finance and accounting – but by the time we closed I felt like I had taken an additional course in residential real estate financing. I thought I knew enough that a true professional/expert wasnt really necessary…. I was wrong.

My point is, David Gaffin took the time to ensure that I fully understood the financing options available to me, and that I was making the best choice on the basis of our individual future plans. We knew how much we could spend if we were being conservative, how much we could stretch to, and our max budget.
We found a hidden gem that was more house in a better location than I thought we could afford – and David got us the paperwork to make an on-the-spot offer, well after business hours – like it was no big thing at all. Had he been too busy to pick up the phone or too slow to get us the preapproval letter, we never would have gotten our offer accepted. From guiding us to understanding, to prompt action, David had us completely covered.

At closing I felt very knowledgeable and confident that we were making the right decision.

For the record, the house we bought was inside Boston’s 95 corridor and underpriced, and within a year, we were reappraised, had much more equity than we thought, and were able to refinance with David, into an even better situation.

We’re still not quite sure how we managed to get the house we got, in the location we got. I don’t think we could have possibly done any better, and David deserves a good share of the credit for that.

I would absolutely recommend a prospectively home-buyer take the time to call him – even if you think you’ve already got a home-financing guy. For my wife and I, I think it really made all the difference.
– Adam L.

David is a true professional and exceeded all expectations. I refer David Gaffin anytime someone tells me they’re in the market for a home. Bottom line: he is the only choice for our mortgage needs. My family thanks you again, David.
– Mike S.

David was great. There’s no way we would have closed our home in time without his help. He was helpful, Proactive, and a great teacher. Really, really the best in the field.
– Kevin O.

I have done at least 3 mortgages with David and have been extremely happy with each process. Very informative and happy to answer every question I had and even answered the same ones 3 or 4 times without frustration. Should I find the need for a mortgage in the future my 1st call will be to David.
– Chris B.

David Gaffin has a unique blend of real estate savvy, financial expertise and customer service skills to solve your purchase and re-financing needs. Having worked with David to re-finance my own home, I can personally attest to his professionalism which includes a thorough and complete explanation of the entire process. He is tireless in his determination to find you the best rate, and manages every detail of your transaction with calm assurance. I appreciated David’s wonderful combination of experience and humor which enabled me move forward with this important financial decision without wreaking havoc in my busy life. I would highly recommend David Gaffin.
– Bonnie B.

David is one of my select go-to mortgage bankers to whom I refer my clients. David is quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable loan officers I’ve encountered in my 15 years of practicing real estate. He has such an educated grasp on the market, what the Fed is going to do, the weekly rate fluctuations, etc. He also works very hard behind the scenes with underwriting and processing which helps his borrowers immensely. A lot of mortgage guys just sign up clients then forgets about them until the closing. David is the opposite. He’s a mortgage banker for life.
– Richard V.

As a first time home buyer, I did not realize all of the financial intricacies of purchasing a home, though I knew it would be difficult. Luckily, my excellent realtor, Lynne Hagopian, put me in contact with David Gaffin early in the review/purchase process, which effectively ensured that I would hit my personal deadlines for my purchase.

David helped me with all of my financial questions, and truly educated me throughout the process. He continuously helped me hit important deadlines and made the process clear for me. He even accommodated a few (too many!) late night anxious calls from me as deadlines approached and I was gathering documentation and funds. I can’t say enough about how smoothly my home purchase went, and David had a huge amount to do with it. I would recommend David to any of my family or friends. David is very genuine, and always puts his clients first. I was both impressed and confident with David by my side as my lender. He also got me a great deal! Thank you David
– Clarke D.